1. Buying online is so much cheaper – why should I spend more in a local store?
The main reason is at the top of our Top Ten List. When you support your local businesses, they in turn can support you and your community through donations, job creation and convenience. Often shopping local means you get what you want sooner (without the shipping costs!), while getting out and mingling with friends and neighbors.
2. What if I need more selection than I can get locally?
First of all, the selection at many local businesses may surprise you. That being said, we understand that it is not possible to cover every conceivable choice. All that local businesses ask is that you check them out first and give them an opportunity to serve you.
3. I have not had a good experience patronizing some of the downtown merchants – why should I go back?
The majority of businesses in Port Angeles take pride in providing good customer service and are eager to help you. Please don’t let the occasional unhappy experience sour you on the stores that want to go the extra mile for you.
4. Everyone knows that if you want professional services, you have to go to the city. What makes local services worth looking into?
Ask yourself: Would you be better at your profession if you lived and worked in another city?  Making assumptions about quality based on location is a loser for all concerned. Since many of our community’s residents moved here from elsewhere, it is safe to say that their abilities and talents came with them.
5. So are you saying that local companies should get my business just because of their (local) address?
Of course not – all that’s asked is to have a shot at winning your business. The reason this is a CHOOSE Local campaign and not a BUY Local campaign is because we recognize that consumers have choices and that businesses have to respect that. We hope you’ll decide to choose locally!

1. How is the Choose Local program funded?
The initial launch was funded by the City of Port Angeles as part of their economic development strategy. Subsequent funding will come directly from local businesses as the program continues to earn customer patronage and loyalty. Historically these local programs have paid for themselves many times over as measured in positive business impacts.
2. How will supporting this program benefit my business?
It will help your business by making a strong case to local consumers about the benefits of shopping locally. Many businesses have felt the pinch of online and out-of-area competition. This will only grow more acute in our current weakened economy. We need to support our community by supporting local businesses here where we live.
3. How can I get involved?
The next phase of the Choose Local initiative will require continued and increasing business support to expand. Look for opportunities through your local business organizations as the next phase unfolds. For now, help advertise and support the concepts and local promotions. Choose Local is a life style decision, and we all need to think locally.
4. Where can I get more promotional materials and information?
Please send and questions or requests for promotional material directly to info@chooselocalpa.org.
5. Can I use the Choose Local logo on my own advertising?
YES - that would be great! The more attention we can bring to this program, the more successful it will be. To get an electronic file of the logo in either color or black and white, please email info@chooselocalpa.org with the file specifications for your advertising piece, and you will be sent the appropriate image.