The Port Angeles Farmers Market is a great source for locally grown food and local crafts on the Olympic Peninsula.

Do buy local campaigns work for smaller towns? Yes! Here are the results of four studies and surveys to help create to support for your plan. Also, how to “right size” your buy-local campaign.

Here are some actual studies on the economic impact of local independent business. This includes the recirculation of local money, the “multiplier effect” of compounding locally-spent dollars, and the potential impact on local economies.

Another group of very good studies regarding the current buying trends on local cities and how these buy-local efforts can combat the negative effects of buying out of area.

There is a movement underway in America: a movement to reshape and reform our communities and economies through a simple 10% shift in our buying habits.

This is one of many great sites dedicated to customer service and loyalty. Customer loyalty is built by treating people the way they want to be treated. Features the benefits of one-on-one relationships and attention to the details important to customers.

Two of the larger organizations nationally that have been forums for the concept of “Think, Shop & Buy Local.” Many cities and towns now have discovered this model to support local communities and help local entrepreneurs thrive.